A Beginner's Guide to iPhone Photography

Alright let’s face it. Nothing beats the convenience and simplicity of snapping a quick photo with your iPhone. As much as anyone would love to always shoot with one of these bad boys, there is no doubt that high end cameras aren’t nearly as affordable or as user friendly as using your mobile device. Contrary to popular belief, capturing beautiful images with your phone is quite attainable. For validation, take a look at these iPhone only photographers who do a pretty awesome job at creating unique and stunning snapshots.

As snapwire’s newest intern, my photography knowledge is not quite at the level that I would like. I decided to write this article as a means to educate not only snapwire’s users, but myself as well. After some research, I found these eight tips to be the most emphasized when it came to shooting with an iphone camera. So, I decided to try some of them out. All photos taken by me with my iPhone 5.

1. Simplicity: If you want your image to be stunning, keep it simple! Try starting out by shooting with just one subject against a plain background for a dramatic effect.

2. Rule of Thirds: Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but for good reason. Simply put, the rule of thirds refers to the way in which the image is broken up into segments. Imagine a grid that divides your image in thirds vertically and horizontally with nine segments total. The rule of thirds states that lining up the main points of the image with the four intersections of the lines creates a balanced photo.

3. Let there be light! : Be mindful of where the light source is. Also be mindful about what time of day you shoot. Early morning light and twilight are some of the best times for ethereal-esque images.

4. Low Angles: Shooting from a low angle creates interest to the viewer because it is unusual to the way that we see the world.

5. Silhouettes: One of the simplest ways to make it look like you know what you’re doing. Be sure you are shooting against the light source!

6. Reflections: Another easy way to take your iphone photography to the next level. For best results, position your phone one inch above the reflective surface.

7. Symmetry: Immediately creates a harmonious composition in your photograph.

8. Simple Editing: Keep in mind, filters may seem like a good idea at the time but they can make your images look over processed and fake. I prefer to maintain most of the natural color but make small enhancements. Some great editing tools are: 

  1. VSCO Cam 

  2. Afterlight

  3. Priime

  4. Litely

Now, I’m no professional photographer, but I will say that these tips really did help me up my photography game. I would love to see what snapwire’s users can do with iPhone photography- so I’ve decided to launch an instagram challenge with the hashtag #snapwireiphonechallenge. The challenge will be announced via social media within the next couple of days, so make sure you are following us on instagram! (@snapwire) The only rule is that the photo must be shot with an iPhone (or other smartphone). Bonus if you use one of the tips! I will pick one winner that will be featured on our instagram and blog. Happy shooting!

- Alison O'Brien