New and Improved Feedback System

We're excited to announce that we've improved our system for Buyer feedback! Now, when a Buyer removes a photo from a Request or Challenge, they're given the option to tell the photographer why the photo has been removed. This gives photographers valuable information, which they can apply to future submissions, thus increasing their chances of being purchased. It also allows Buyers to regulate quality of submissions and help ensure that relevant photos of superior quality are submitted. Here's how it's done:

A common reason to delete a photo is irrelevance. The Creative Brief is important because it tells you exactly what the Buyer wants, but people often ignore it and submit photos that don't apply. If the Buyer sees a photo that's cluttering the submissions with irrelevant content, they're now able to click the red X to the right, at which point a dropdown menu appears. One of the options is 'Doesn't Match Brief,' which would be the appropriate choice in this case. Sunset at the beach has nothing to do with sibling rivalry. 

Once the Buyer has selected the appropriate reason for deletion, another box opens, prompting them to confirm that they want the photo deleted. We definitely don't want any photos deleted by accident! If the Buyer does, in fact, wish to delete the photo, they simply click 'OK,' and the photo is deleted. The photographer receives an in-app notification letting them know that their photo was deleted, and why. 

Our hope is that over time, this improved feedback system will help photographers submit their very best , most relevant work, improve their photography, and increase their chances of a purchase on Challenges and Requests. 

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