Out With The Old & In With The New: Holiday Imagery

It's the second week of the holiday season and the floodgates of marketing campaigns have burst open. Since the sea of advertisements are so vast, the campaigns that bring the best results are obviously those that visually stand out from the rest. 

One reason why so many campaigns fail is that they choose the same run of the mill stock photo that thousands of other brands also use each year. You know what photo I am talking about, the one where the little girl is diligently writing a letter to Santa while her grandparents sit next to her heartily laughing. The background features a Christmas tree, a stack of presents, a glass of milk, and an assortment of cookies to really ensure that the "holiday" effect is in play.

The same old cliches and overly staged images just try too hard to convey an ideal image of Christmas. Unfortunately, businesses who use traditional stock photos in their campaigns, often lose out on sales because a large number of audience members no longer resonate with the picture perfect Christmas prototype. To remedy the drift, the Snapwire team believes that the future of holiday imagery lies in authentic images that connect with modern audiences. 

Check out our "Winter Holidays" collection to see a gallery of genuine images taken by photographers in the Snapwire community. These photos showcase the meaning of the holiday season in a way that is engaging and approachable for all types of consumers. Ensure your holiday marketing campaign looks natural and fits in with the times!