Images That Captivate Millennials

Flat Lay Images

Millennials love to document their lives. They also love to see what someone else is doing in their life, especially from people they trust or look up to. The classic flat lay image has become a staple among food enthusiasts and millennials. This unique view does not provide very much depth to the viewer but still appears pleasing to the eye as everything is neatly arranged. Flat lay images are always a guaranteed safe bet. 

Human Scale

It is in our nature as humans to try and gain a greater perspective on that which is bigger than us. Images that include a person with a vast landscape really grab the attention of Millennials as it is something they can relate to. All of a sudden the image is something you can picture yourself in, which is a comforting feeling. 

Bright & Vivid

Millennials like a spark of flash so you better hope your photos have some as well. Bright and contrasting colors really grab someones attention and make them look at the photo longer and harder. It also tends to evoke positive emotions which is never a bad thing (unless you like being sad). While darker tones and colors may work during the fall, brighter colors signal warmer and happier times. This fits perfectly with Millennials generally optimistic outlook on life.