Introducing Localized Requests

Since launching Snapwire, we have strived to be a groundbreaking platform that helps photographers make money doing what they love, while helping brands find authentic and unique content. We've been working hard to crank out improvements that accelerates this vision. Today we announce a pretty unique concept - local discovery.

Introducing Local Discovery

2 ways to invite photographers. 2 ways to discover Requests. 

For Buyers: 

This new improvement makes it easier to create Requests. The type of photographer you're looking for will dictate the type of request you create. Selecting the "Local" type will allow you to choose photographers in a specific location. This is the ideal request type if you're looking for someone local to shoot an event, or provide images of a particular park in your favorite metropolitan city. The uses for this feature are limitless and we think it will be immensely valuable for the future of image purchasing. 

2 Ways to Invite:

Personally invite only the best talent in your location...

Or, allow photographers to apply to shoot your request. Once you launch your request, you'll be able to see who has applied to shoot your request and approve them if they fit what you are looking for.

For Photographers:

There are now 2 ways to search for Requests: by concept or location. 

You can search for local Requests in your area and apply to shoot them! Make sure to update your Snapwire profile with your very best photographs. Buyers will look at your profile before deciding whether or not they want you to shoot their request. You will not be able to shoot or submit photos to the request until the buyer approves you.

We're hoping these new improvements will help photographers find opportunities in their area to make some money and expand their portfolio. We also hope it will simplify the photo-searching process by providing buyers with exactly what they're looking for.