6 Ways To Use Snapwire

Since launching Snapwire, we have strived to be a groundbreaking platform that helps photographers make money doing what they love, while helping brands find authentic and unique content. While our concept is pretty straightforward for photographers, there are many ways that buyers can use our custom and on-demand imagery  to further their business needs. Here we have put together some ideas that have worked in the past for successful companies:

Localized Requests

As a buyer you can choose photographers to shoot a specific location! This is the ideal request type if you are looking for a photographer or photographers to shoot an event or a specific place like a historic park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These requests put the world in your fingertips as you can source skilled and proven photographers from around the globe. Zagat Survey partnered with Snapwire to launch over 2,000 restaurant requests. We sourced local photographers across the US to shoot beautiful photos of their restaurant listings. Additionally, Google is launching over 4,000 localized requests on our platform to get shots of notable points of interests around the globe!

Photo by: Ami Suzuki

Photo by: Ami Suzuki


The pay-per-shoot option allows buyers to book and pay for an entire shoot, instead of buying a single image or a set of images. This is helpful when buyers need a lot of complementary images for a campaign. With this feature, photographers get paid for projects more likened to their day rates . USDM Life Science used the feature when they created a request for a Snapwire photographer to take corporate head shots of top executives at their headquarters in Santa Barbara.

Website Design

Website design is vital because it is often a consumers first impression of your brand. Think of website design as an extension of your overall sales pitch. The biggest mistake business owners can make is to invest in a user friendly website, and not have the proper design elements or imagery to make it stand out and pop for viewers. 

Photobook/print company, Snapfish, incorporates our photos in their website layout to connect with their customers. Using authentic photos helps visitors feel in touch with their brand, increasing overall conversion rate.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is key in customer acquisition, brand awareness, and creating a loyal community. By having a feed full of memorable imagery, users will be more likely to check out what your business is all about. Through photo challenges, rental car company Hertz garnered 29,000 photo submissions. With their favorites they curated an Instagram feed that invokes a sense of adventure and wanderlust in their users.


Product Marketing

If you are selling a product, chances are you will need high-quality pictures of it to entice consumers to find value in it. Hiring photographers and models can be a pricy endeavor, which is why you can create a request on Snapwire to source images to market your product.  Yellow Leaf Hammocks uses our platform to produce authentic imagery for specific product listings. 77% of consumers said that authentic photos affect their purchasing decisions.


Content Marketing

As a marketer you need to create and distribute valuable, reliable, and consistent content in order to attract a clearly-defined audience and ultimately drive profits. By creating requests with a specific concept in mind on Snapwire, marketers and buyers can garner images that reflect brand identity. Beverage Media sketched out a drawing of their creative vision and put it on a Snapwire photo challenge. At the end of the submission period, they had more than 100 photos to choose from. The custom visual content generated was relevant and engaging for their audience.


Learn more about how to create a request here to start sourcing the images you need today! With so many ways to use Snapwire, we can work with you to ensure that you're getting exactly what you need for your marketing campaigns.