Why Seasonal Content Converts

27M pieces of content are shared every single day (and that number is only growing). With social media and ever-expanding content platforms, relevancy becomes increasingly important. Being constantly bombarded with content, consumers have been forced to adapt - with ever decreasing attention spans and quicker than lightning decisions. In a matter of seconds, consumers know whether a piece of content is relevant and important to them and if they don't deem it so, they're quickly scrolling on to the next thing. 

What does this mean for businesses and brands, who rely on content for conversions? In order to stand out in the noise, brands must produce high-quality custom content that's relevant to their audience. One way to do this is to create seasonal content campaigns. The key here is making sure the content your brand is putting out is tailored to current events and your target audience's interests. This will make it instantly stand out because it's relevant and personal. Further, if you're able to create a campaign of localized seasonal content that's even better. 

One of the most difficult parts of obtaining custom on-brand content tends to revolve around the actual creation of the assets. This is because the options are limited for brands and businesses. They can either search through stock libraries to find seasonally themed images, but typically it's close to impossible to find images that perfectly match your brand aesthetic. On top of that, if your brand contains a product, stock photos will fail because they will contain generic items (not your specific product). Alternatively, brands can produce the content themselves in-house or hire a photographer to shoot something custom for them. These options are good ones if you have the budget and turn around time to get it done. 

If you're like most brands, forced to scale their ever-increasing content needs under a relatively small budget, Snapwire may be the solution. We're a Content-as-a-Service platform that uses our global community of 400K photographers, proprietary technology, and superior creative briefs to get brands beautiful on-brand content at scale. In fact, we're stoked about our solution and want to help brands get content that converts. We'll be offering brands 10% off a seasonally themed or location-based shoot through the Fall. You'll get access to our professional roster of photographers, and be matched up with a dedicated Snapwire creative team member to help execute your vision. This offer will end December 21st. 

If interested, shoot an email over to hello@snapwi.re with your creative vision and ask about the 10% off deal.