Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

We hear the terms “content marketing” constantly in our fast paced, influencer, society, but few really understand how powerful and vital it is for a successful marketing strategy. Today’s audiences are begging for unique, custom, and personable content from the brands that are important to them. They no longer want to simply buy your product, they want to identify with it.


What is content marketing?

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Forbe’s defines it as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” The content produced and shared may not specifically involve promoting your brand, but rather encourages interest in the service or product. Naturally, the goal is to drive profitable consumer action and build a quality reputation for your brand, but the strength in content marketing relies on reliable and compelling content that continuously attracts, yet retains your defined audience perspective.


Why Do I Need Content Marketing?

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More businesses are recognizing the strength in content marketing, but what makes it so important? How can you incorporate it into your own promotional planning? Here are a few reasons:

  • By allowing you to target a specific and clearly defined audience, it is easy to optimize and build an online presence with diverse and relatable content that will reach granular audiences quickly no matter the size of your company. It is proven that most brands that use a sustainable content marketing plan report increased sales, cost savings, and more loyal customers.

  • Attracts followers. Yes, social media has exposed our human flaw: we all want to be followed, acknowledged, and loved publicly. It is no secret, more followers attracts more business. Social media is a driving force in today’s B2C and B2B market, but many brands struggle to gain an attraction on social channels without relevant and constant content that can easily be shared and interacted with. Large campaigns can rest easy with one push, but content marketing gives you the freedom and reasons to post often and share everything.

  • You can sell more than a product, you can sell a brand. Various types of content, often educational and informative, played at specific stages of selling your brand can help a customer navigate to a successful sell. Entice, convince, and bring them home through unique content applied to all aspects of marketing your brand, including social media, SEO, public relations, and inbound creative strategies.


Elements of Successful

Content Marketing

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You may be new to content marketing or have plans already in mind, but there are a few points you need to consider to make sure your campaign is successful:

  • Strategy: How is your content designed to support your brand objectives? What do you want to get out of each piece? Who, what, when, and where will this content live?

  • Analyze who your buyer personas are: Based on feedback from your existing customer base and previous marketing efforts, identify who your audience is and what they are attracted to.

  • Content gaps: Analyze your existing content to expose gaps, weaknesses, and more importantly opportunities for content marketing. Where do you need a little push?

  • Creating the content: Create unique content and add professional copywriting that supports your entire marketing strategy. It is important to be an individual in this statured market, so using custom content will make you stand out (Hey! Use us! This is our specialty!)

  • Generate and Share Often: Audiences have shorter attention spans more than ever now. They need to be reminded constantly who you are. Share new content each week in one way or another. Doing this, you build essential trust and become a source of information your audience can rely on.

  • The power of email marketing & social media promotion: Email and social are the fastest and easiest way to share your current campaigns with larger audiences. Keep it simple, direct, and informative.


Tracking Success & Growing With Your Campaigns:

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Like your other marketing efforts, there are ways to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing to better determine if the content is reaching your target audience and whether or not they find it valuable. Pay attention to your performance indicators, (such as increase in traffic, how long your users are staying on the page, how they discover you, and what they are interacting with the most through likes, shares, and follows,) and adjust the content to work to its full potential.


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Feeling confident and convinced in the powers of Content Marketing? Snapwire understands the importance (that is why we exist!) and want to help you get the visual content you need to be successful in your campaigns. Unique, custom, content is reliable, communicative, and easy to achieve while working with our resourceful team. Don’t be shy - contact us and let’s get started!