Snapwire Custom Content:    Case Studies


Google turned to Snapwire for scalable video needs.


Google is everyone's favorite technology company. When they needed to roll out a scalable video project that would afford it's users to view and/or upload Videos for select businesses, they turned to Snapwire. Now, Google listings have enriched on-line viewing experiences that include photos, videos, 360 degree views, and more from a pop-up modal when searching for a highlighted restaurants. To launch this project, it was important that Google had high quality shots appearing pilot listings.


Google wanted to start with 500 restaurants spanning 17 target markets. Because there was a tight deadline launch for this project, they needed all videos delivered in about a month. These videos needed to be shot vertical orientation on a mobile device to accomplish a desired authentic look and feel. The creators were instructed to capture a few key elements of each restaurant:

  • Exterior Shots
  • Interior Shots
  • Entree Shots 
  • Interview of Chef/Staff Member


Snapwire helped Zagat Survey source skilled local photographers across the US to shoot mouthwatering photos of their restaurant listings. Snapwire worked closely with the Zagat team to build a style guide, shot list, and managed the production from start to finish.


Working with Google's tight timeline, Snapwire recruited 36 proven creators from our vast community to participate in these Requests. Each restaurant (within each city) was launched as its own Private Request (a one-to-one relationship creative brief only available to creators who have achieved success). As buyers on Snapwire can choose to source content on a per shot or a per shoot basis, Google opted to source every uploaded video for one set price - giving them the flexibility to have licensing rights to all submitted file.

500 restaurants shot

4700 videos submitted and purchased