Photo by:  Bob Sizoo

Photo by: Bob Sizoo

Our Vision

We believe the next great leap in the photography business is centered on something human: creative collaboration.

We’ve recently seen photography evolve in ways we could have never imagined.

The idea that anyone, anywhere, can shoot, edit, and upload a beautiful photo in seconds, right from the camera, and instantly get it in front of a global audience is incredible. Photos are now considered ‘social currency’ and a form of ‘conversation’ in a way that only words once were. Each day, people shoot over a billion photos and share over 200 million of them online.  As we’ve made shooting and sharing photos easier and easier, amidst the change, the economic value of the photograph has been diminished. How can we create real opportunities for mobile photographers to earn money doing what they love?

For those of us who need creative images, why is it that finding the right photo can be an exercise in frustration? We search the internet for something unique, but usually end up with tired, overpriced stock photos that never quite feel right and pay the creator almost nothing.

We’re here to build a better way to get beautiful photos—by connecting mobile photographers directly with photo buyers. Buyers post a photo request, and  photographers compete creatively to submit their best photos. Buyers get unique images quickly and affordably, and the winning photographers get paid fairly. 

Our vision is to enable anyone with a creative passion for photography to earn money doing what they love, while making it easier for photo buyers to get unique, custom photos that elevate their own projects. More than anything, we want to make the act of getting photos human again.