Our mission is to enable people with a passion for photography to thrive doing what they love.

These are the five values that we believe in:

Success through passion

Mobile photographers with talent and creative vision deserve the opportunity to earn money, exposure, and recognition—and to be treated as professionals.

Respect for creators

Producing a good photograph is hard—it takes patience, creativity, and talent. That’s why photographers should keep their copyright and get the majority of earnings from every sale.

Collaboration elevates creativity

When two creative minds come together to produce an image, the result can be magical. By bringing photographers together with people who need photos, creativity is elevated on both sides.

Mobile photographers are artists

Mobile photography is a legitimate creative medium. Photographers who choose to shoot with mobile devices should be treated and respected as artists.

Human contact matters

Great photography is about the people creating it. It still takes a human to make a great photo. Let’s make the process of getting images human again.

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